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August 6, 2010

How did it get to be August so fast? I don’t understand. Time – it slips through your fingers like money.

 My excuse for the extended period of non-postage this time is vacation. One and a half glorious, sleep-in-til-10-get-up-and-play-Settlers, relaxing weeks. ‘Twas grand.

 This post’s product review is inspired by our recent trip. Everyone who likes to travel and even some who don’t should just go ahead and invest in EZ-Pass. For years I’ve gazed in wonder and longing at the cars that go zooming past the long lines at toll booths. A mere tap on their breaks, and they’re on their way. Wow! So Chicago is particularly notorious for toll booths. The best way to get to Minnesota is straight through Chicago. So one day we stopped at one of those neat little plazas going over the road, we did. And we bought us an I-Pass. Now I wonder, “Why oh WHY……..did we wait so long?” Now I cackle with glee as I go zooming past all the ignorant. Not only am I saving time, I’m also saving 50% of my money! I love it. You will, too.

On our way home, we stopped for the night in Madison, Wisconsin. We were waiting for the elevator to lower us to the lobby. As we stood there, we were absent-mindedly reading the signs posted on the wall. One of them said, “In case of fire, use stairs.”
“Where are the stairs?” Jesse asked.
“Who cares,” I thought.
(Fast forward several hours) I’m taking a shower when I hear a loud buzzing. It will go away. It doesn’t. “What’s that noise?” I holler. I turn the shower off and listen. Above the piercing alarm, I hear panicked footsteps and voices in the hall. A mad scrambling then ensued to prepare for rapid departure. We’re on the fourth floor. And we don’t know where the stairs are! My heart was seriously picking up speed when the alarm stopped. The panic in the halls was replaced with relieved laughter. As it turned out, some well-meaning child had pulled the fire alarm. False alarm. But I learned something: Always be aware of your available escape route.

 Now we’ve been back to the work and the heat for a week. Tonight, we get to go to an Amish fish fry. I’ve never been to an Amish fish fry before. I’m supposed to take a dessert. That is somewhat daunting to me considering that the Amish are particularly renowned for their good cooking. I am not so much. I thought about just stopping by the grocery store and picking something up. Then at least if it’s gross, I wouldn’t have been responsible. But then I said to myself, I said, “No way! I can do better than that!” So I will. I hope.


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  1. Jolene permalink

    Next post we need to hear about the Amish Fish Fry, and how you wowed all those Amish ladies with your delicious dessert!!

  2. Amy Smucker permalink

    Good for you, Bessie.

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